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Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep This was really good!I enjoyed the characters, though the love interest in this novel is someone that I'm not a big fan of. The twist in this book was surprising and awesome! I never thought of it though there are clues along the way.I love how Gwen often reflects on her mother. Most authors easily write off characters and then the main character never thinks of them again until a random point. That has always bothered me about some books, but this one was great!I've always loved Greek Mythology and this book has an interesting twist. I also like there is some history in this, but it doesn't dominate the book.My only really complaint about this book is the fact that I read First Frost before Touch of Frost and they don't match up. There are details in First Frost that are different from what is stated in Touch of Frost. That was disappointing...I can't wait to read book two and then I'll be stuck waiting for book three until it comes out later this year!