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Forever - Maggie Stiefvater Forever is the final novel in the “The Wolves of Mercy Falls” trilogy. I adored the first two books. Maggie Stiefvater just has the most amazing prose. I can’t even describe how amazing her writing is.“I lived in a war zone.When I pulled into the driveway, the music slapped its hands against the car windows. The air outside the house thumped with a booming bass line; the entire building was a speaker.… It bled out the windows, crashed out of the stereo, shouted out suddenly in the middle of the night.”DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?I also adore the font coloring of each book. It’s so untraditional and unique. So much like I imagine Maggie Stiefvater is in real life.One of the best parts of this series, at least to me, is being able to read from “the wolf’s” point-of-view. Most novels don’t give us that luxury and Stiefvater provides us with it. I love reading through the other side of the characters- the animalistic, raw side. There is a lot of that informative style in this book. You not only see into Grace’s mind but into her mind when she transforms.I was really looking forward to this book. I enjoyed Shiver and Linger immensely and hoped I would love the series finale just as much. I was very nervous though. I read a few reviews for this book; some were good and others were extremely disappointed.Honestly, for me, it was a mixture of both. The writing was as beautiful as ever, but when I got halfway through the book and the plot hadn’t peaked… I was bummed. There are some shockers, I’ll admit, but frankly the “surprises” you read about, are pretty easy to figure out on your own.What saddened me the most was that I found myself more interested in the relationship between Cole and Isabel than I was in Grace and Sam’s relationship. In the previous book, I couldn’t get into Isabel’s point-of-view at all. I could barely stand her. Throughout Forever, I found myself waiting for her voice.I also felt jilted by the ending. It wasn’t complete and final enough for me. It was a loose ending and I feel like Ms. Stiefvater left it that open ended for a reason? *hint hint*