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If I Stay - Gayle Forman I am by no means in love with this book. Reading it was like swallowing razor blades.And I think that's why I gave it three stars.I haven't read a book that has brought me to tears the way If I Stay did in years. Gayle Forman's writing was so addicting and inspring. I'm not sure what is was the didn't make me give this five stars. I adored Adam. He's so sweet and some of his lines... Jesus, I need a tissue just thinking about it. Mia is someone who you don't know exactly how but you can relate to her. The way Gayle writes her, it's like you can feel yourself as Mia and when Mia aches and cries and breaks - you do too.The prose of this book was phenomenal. I can't mention that enough. I felt like I was reading lyrics and not a book. It just... brilliant.I am nervous about the next book, not sure if I will read it, but I am so, so, so glad I experienced this one.(If anything is wrong with this review, it's because my hands are still shaking.)