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Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel I won this through the Goodreads First Reads program.Dearly, Departed is a story told in a few point-of-views: Victor Dearly, father of the main character, Nora and Commander Wolfe don't have many chapters, but they do add to the story well. The story is mainly told from Nora Dearly's and Abraham "Bram" Griswold's point-of-view. And Pamela Roe, Nora's best friend, also has a few chapters told from her voice. It is a dystopian novel full of zombies, steampunk and science. This story isn't as scary and harsh as many of the dystopian novels that I've read are. There is a good amount of humor in this novel, which I really appreciated.I really liked the details in this book. They made it easy to understand and really grasp the ideas within the novel.I also loved the characters. They were written so that the characters you loved, you knew you loved from the very beginning and vice versa with the characters you loathed. Though I couldn't really connect to Nora and her situations, I absolutely adored reading from her best friend Pam's point-of-view. She was my favorite character and my favorite voice.Let me tell you, I didn't love this book because I got it for free and before most people (though that was a major plus!). My only really issues were the length and the ending. The books was stretched a bit, but overall, I really enjoyed reading this book.So Ms. Habel, could we get a sequel?*crosses fingers*