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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion I absolutely loved this book. It was morbid, disgustingly graphic and full of gore. Basically, it was perfect. Definitely not your average young adult novel, Isaac Marion is not afraid to try new things. This kind of novel is not my usual cup of tea, but something about it just took hold of me. Reading this was a slow process for me because I didn't think there would be a happy ending - and sad endings are like drinking vinegar for me. THANK GOD THIS HAS A HAPPY ENDING/NEW BEGINNING.R is a character I couldn't help but fall in love with. From the beginning, he wonders if there is more to life than just killing and eating humans. His relationship with Julie was so believable and I love the way they were written. R's friendship with M is another thing I enjoy about this book. M, while he doesn't completely understand R, stands beside him and supports him through his struggles.The prose in this novel was unbelievable. The writing was beautiful. Marion's descriptions were phenomenal and captiving. His words were just absolutely brilliant. I couldn't get enough.I never wanted this novel to end, but the way that it did was so complete and satisfying. It gave you hope and made you believe it wasn't the end of the road for R and Julie, but a new hope-filled beginning.I can't wait to see what Marion writes next. I will definitely be reading his next book!