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Past Midnight - Mara Purnhagen Past Midnight is an addictive, paranormal story. It wastes no time in diving into action. I enjoyed this novel from the first page.Charlotte's story is different from most young adult paranormal books. There isn't a budding, obsessive romance with a hunky, emo guy or a big macho man that comes to save the girl from death or injury. No, Charlotte is her own girl and while she might let her new friends influence her too much, she is your average teenager in a not-so-average life.The romance in this book is normal. No falling in love after just looking into the other persons' eyes or the fear that loving this person will sentence them to death. It starts with a crush that doesn't lead into love in the same book in which it starts. It ends with a date that just sees the two as friends.I think that is one of the reasons I liked this book. It is paranormal, yes, but it isn't so "out there" that it feels like it could never happen.I look forward to read the next book!