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Jenny Pox - J.L. Bryan Jenny Pox is the story of a girl and her incurable, deadly-to-others disease.I enjoyed the beginning. Well, I don't know about enjoyed, but I was intrigued. And then it just continued to go downhill. I can't believe I was able to finish this book.It's creepy. Disturbing. Vomit inducing at some points.I could barely finish it because I was so sickened by the descriptions and the crude writing.Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.I hope that with all of the great reviews, this book would be great and then I got to the first sex scene.Yes. Sex scene. It's not too graphic, but enough so that I would no longer categorize this book as a young adult novel.There was too much sex in this book. It was just obscene and while it gives a warning that those under 16 should not read this book, I believe that even 16 is too young for Jenny Pox.I give it one star and even that is pushing it.