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So Into You (The Jane Austen Academy Series) - Cecilia Gray Nothing else needs to be said. July 15 will be glorious.ETA: So, it's July 20th and I've got the book. I can forgive the hiccup because I'M THE SECOND PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE TO HAVE A COPY AND IT'S TECHNICALLY NOT RELEASED YET. (The first person to have a copy being Cecilia, but since she's the author, she doesn't count. BUT HOW COOL IS THIS?) Now excuse my while I go read.ETA 2: The real reviewAs seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!I've read a few Jane Austen retellings, but I have to say, Cecilia Gray's The Jane Austen Academy series is my favorite, by far. Cecilia expertly weaves a story of love, heart-break, strength and determination in every piece she writes. As you read, it is obvious that she gives her whole self to the story. It's so lovely to read! So Into You is the second book in Cecilia's The Jane Austen Academy series. While book one, Fall For You was a modernized version of Pride & Prejudice, this book was a retelling of Sense & Sensibility. The way that Cecilia incorporates Jane Austen's characters into one series is so intriguing and the fact that the characters are all friends is such a unique and crazy awesome idea! Cecilia is basically a genius.This book stars Ellie Dvorak, a sweet, fun girl, who loves her friends, her school and although they drive her insane, her parents. In the story, Ellie struggles with the heartache of love and loss. She learns to accept that life doesn't always take you on the path you want to be on, so if she wants something, she can't sit by and let it pass. Her love interest, Edward, is adorkable, sweet and though he doesn't do well in showing it, he really cares for Ellie. Sa-woon. So Into You gives us a fun young-adult story that has you smiling, laughing, sighing, swooning and wanting to hug Ellie so hard.I have no complaints about this book. None. The plot is realistic. The characters feel like real people. The situations that occur within the novel actually happen. This book was a great modern day young-adult Jane Austen retelling. So Into You is a self-published novel, but you wouldn't be able to tell just by reading it. The writing style and plot are better than some books that I've read that have been published by top companies. It's fun to read, it's modern and keeps your attention until the very end. Plus, So Into You, much like Cecilia's other books, is pretty short, so it's also a fast read! This is definitely a good summer read for when you are laying on the beach or sitting by the pool. No matter what you are doing, really, So Into You is the book for you. (You like that rhyme?)I was lucky enough to be the second person in the universe to get a copy of So Into You, the first person being Cecilia herself. Cecilia and I have become friends since I started stalking her. (Only on the interwebz, I swear.) She knows that I love to read, is surprised that I have loved EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of her books and she also knows about my big, fat obsession with One Direction. So she sent me a finished copy of So Into You Thursday night. Obviously, I immediately downloaded it and dug right in. I'm so glad she finds me amusing enough to share with because this book was so awesome. I don't know what else to say. I just love her writing and her characters and the plots and everything. My only wish is that she'd write faster because I can't wait to read the next story!