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Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky, #0.5) - Veronica Rossi As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!This review may have spoilers from the first book in the series, Under the Never Sky. You have been warned.When I heard that Veronica Rossi was releasing a short story about Roar and Liv, I got really, really excited. As much as I love Perry and Aria, I, as I'm sure most of this series' readers wanted to know more about Liv and Roar's love for her. This fit in perfectly with the series and gives the audience a sense of understanding regarding the background and actions of our favorite male characters, Roar and Perry. Roar and Liv was a short and sweet little insight into the lives of Roar, Perry's best friend, and Liv, Perry's sister, before Liv sold to the Horns for food for the Tides, their tribe. I love Roar and Liv's dynamic. They just fit together. The way relationship developed was beautiful. I love stories like that, where the two have grown up with each other and fall in love as they grow. It gives me the swoony-swoonz. Plus Roar always says the most romantic things to her. Every scene with Roar and Liv together will have you sighing and swooning like a schoolgirl. Another thing I liked was getting a glimpse of Perry's life before he met Aria and learning more about his friendship with Roar. Talk about a bromance.I have a huge crush on Roar. It's pretty depressing because his love for Liv is so obvious that I know I have no chance. Our reason for not being together has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's a fictional character. Because a love like ours cannot be bound by pages. But really… Roar's a hottie.I really enjoy the author's writing style. It's smooth and easy to follow. It doesn't hurt that she writes a compelling story. While this series doesn't have the best world-building, Ms. Rossi's writing has matured with her following novel, and novella. I honestly think the story has gotten better as well. Roar and Liv is a fantastic prequel to the series. It was a nice, short read that actually made me desperate for more! I hope Ms. Rossi will release another (or twelve-thousand more) short stories like this. One about Vale would be extremely insightful and give us a better idea of why he did what he did.