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A Girl's Guide to Falling in Love with a Zombie - Richard Denney I always feel awful about writing a review about a book that I didn't enjoy, but this just sparked something in me and I was upset about how much I loathed this book.The pretense is great. A teen girl falls in love with a guy but doesn't get a chance with him before a zombie apocolypse falls upon them. And the book even started out well. I enjoyed the first twenty-five-ish percent. But honestly, the characters were completely unrealistic. I'm sorry, but as a woman who was not long ago a teenager, that is not how most girls, or any that I really know, act or think. This "novel" if you can even call it that, with the length, it is definitely a novella, was not up to par.The main character was more like an eight-year-old girl than a teenager. She's "in love" with a boy turned zombie, who she didn't speak to regularly, who had no idea who she even was before he "changed." Plain and simple, she did not love this boy. She had a major, obsessive crush on him. Love is impossible in that situation, but she was so, so adamant that it made me want to slap her. Honestly, she is fighting for her life and she believes she's in the middle of a love tangle with a boy she just met and a zombie who is practically dead and has no idea who she is. Really?I don't recommend this.