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Hunted - Cheryl Rainfield As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5 Stars!I really enjoyed Hunted. The plot was incredibly and uniquely captivating. It kept my interest until the very end.There were some parts where I felt the book was about to the end due to the phrasing, but there was actually like fifty percent more left in the book. That was a bit annoying, but didn't really distract me from wanting to finish the book.There are a few shocks n this books that weren't really "shocking." And although the writing was great, the "shockers" could've been better with some subtle tweaks. The timing seemed longer than it actually was. What I thought was a month, was actually a week. That was annoying for me because time settings are really important to me.And the time setting of this novel does not match the way it is written. Ms. Rainfield tries to project time moving quickly, but the plot often felt slow, which is why I felt that it had been a month. It needed a lot more structure in that area.The narrator is really easy to read from though. She's not your average teenager. She has powers and has to keep them hidden for her safety and the safety of her mother. Again, the plot was so cool! There are so many dystopian novels being released that many of them have started to run together. This was a much different experience. While the plot was very interesting, I had a lot of trouble connecting with some of the characters. I didn't really like Alex, and I had some trouble liking Caitlyn, the main character, after a while. She was very repetitive and at parts, too whiny for my taste. Caitlyn's mother really annoyed me. She was a typical single parent that had a hard time taking responsibility and being a parent. Rachel was definitely my favorite character. She brought a lot to the story and she was a great friend to Caitlyn.The last few chapters were amazing. They really tied up the novel well, though there is definitely room for a sequel! I couldn't put the book down for the last scenes of this story. They were written brilliantly and made reading through my pet peeves totally worth it!Cheryl Rainfield does a great job with the writing. The expressionism is perfect for this young adult novel. Some authors have trouble keeping up the a teenager focused plot, but Ms. Rainfield does not have that problem. Very refreshing. With just a little tweaking and a bit of expansion, this book would be a five star novel for me. Though it had some troubles, it was still a great read.If you haven't already, you should definitely give this paranormal dystopian a shot!I received a free e-copy of this novel for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.