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The Pirate's Wish

The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke The Pirate's Wish was definitely one of my most anticipated novels of 2013. I came to read these because of the glorious covers and stayed a fan because of truly engaging story. After the magnificent debut that Cassandra Rose Clarke released last year, and her stunning sophomore (and adult) novel published a few months ago, I knew there was no way that I would feel anything but love for The Pirate's Wish. Of course I was right. The Pirate's Wish is a fantastical conclusion to The Assassin's Curse duology.The Pirate's Wish continues Ananna and Naji's story as they work together to free Naji of his curse. So far, they have been unable to complete any of the three tasks, but with the help of some unlikely allies, they may just be able to save Naji. Throw in a manticore, a rocky relationship and some evildoers that are up to no good, this novel will leave readers satisfied, but longing for more!I will miss these characters so very much! Each of them gained a special place in my heart and I really hope Ms. Clarke plans to give at least Naji and Ananna cameos in her spin-off series. While the book/series ends perfectly for the two, I'm just so attached that I don't want to let go yet! Of course, the more minor characters are also just as wonderful and perfect editions to the story. I really loved the manticore, whose name I will not even try to spell (or pronounce). She was a great companion for Ananna and added some great humor. The plot moves steadily. There's great action and fun adventures. I was never bored and nothing felt drawn out. I read this book in a day because it was so entertaining! I wish I hadn't had to put it down, but alas, I had two classes that day. (Why did I think taking a full semester during the summer was a good idea?) The romance moved pretty quickly once it started. It was a bit disorienting at first, but the relationship between Naji and Ananna has been a long time coming. The tension between the two in the first book and the first have of this one will have readers going out of their minds! The couple balance each other out and their interactions are so sweet and genuine.I have seen a lot of people struggle with the clarity of the setting, and I can definitely understand that. The author's prose is compelling, but her world-building needs work. The places are described beautifully. It's getting to those places that is the problem. I wouldn't be able to navigate my way through one of the ships, let alone travel the world. That was the only issue I had with this book and as you can see from my rating, it had no real affect on me.Cassandra Rose Clarke has easily become one of my favorite authors. After giving her a third five-star rating, it's not an exaggeration to say I will read anything this woman writes. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Ms. Clarke is an excellent storyteller and I cannot wait to see where she takes her readers next. No doubt we will enjoy it! I definitely recommend this book and this series. (Excuse me now, while I go and reread them.)This review can be seen on my blog as well.I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review via Netgalley.