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The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!The Time Keeper is Mitch Albom's latest work of fiction. It's sad, heartwreching and leaves you with a great message. (But don't all of his novels?)When I saw this novel on Netgalley, I couldn't request it fast enough. I was stunned that an author whom I consider to be extremely popular had a book up on a public galley site and didn't even think before pressing that tiny "Request!" button. I'm so, so glad I did. This is one of the best novels released in 2012. At least, in my opinion.Mr. Albom writes a lesson that we hear almost every day in the most imaginative way. That message is: "You only have the time you are given, so don't spend time wishing you had more or less, spend your time using it." I didn't think there was much that an author could do that I hadn't already heard before. Boy, was I wrong! This was not only captivating, but extremely unique. This story is about Father Time. It's not just about Father Time though, it's also about two people who want to change the time in their lives. One wants her life to end sooner. One wants his life to last forever. Father Time, or Dor as he was once called, learns with these two characters what it really means to count time and the consequences that come with it. Mitch Albom takes you on a journey of loss, fear and in the end, strength.I loved the characters. Loved them. Their stories were real and inspiring. This novel may have been more paranormal than realistic, but the lives of two people that Father Time works to save are relatable and make your heart ache. I really connected with Sarah, a girl wishing for her time to come faster. We didn't have extremely similar lives, but I remember what it was like to be a teenage girl and the author really captures a common experience. On the other hand, we had Victor. Victor is an dying old man, who would give anything to live forever. His story is just as sad, but I felt worse for his wife. Her strength and love for him tugged at my heart strings. Mitch Albom is definitely an insta-buy author for me. He hasn't written a book that I haven't fallen in love with. His words evoke the strongest emotions and then remain with you long after you finish the story. The emotions part is what draws me to his books. Whenever I need a good cry, Mitch Albom is the author I go to. Honestly, I don't think that he will ever write a book that doesn't make me cry. I finished The Time Keeper and bawled my eyes out for close to an hour after I was done. His writing style is imaginative and breathtaking. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.