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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!As soon as I picked up Insurgent, I knew I would love it. Divergent, the first book in the series, is one of my favorite books, well, ever. Veronica Roth just has a way with words. Her writing will draw you in and keep you hostage until you finish the book. She knows her way around an intriguing plot and characters so wonderful that you obsess over them.I wish I had read Divergent again before I started this.There were a few things that I had forgotten since I last read Divergent. Since I didn't reread it, it took me awhile to catch on and remember the things I had forgotten, but I still loved Insurgent. Seeing all the characters again was just awesome. There's nothing like catching up with characters that you fell in love with and are attached it. I honestly missed them. Especially Tris, Four, and Christina. It was an amazing sequel that does nothing, but add to the series.Veronica Roth paints a harsh picture of deceit, revolution and fear in this novel. She puts you in a world that you would never imagine stemmed from today's society, but It's addicting and I couldn't put it down. It's a great novel for young adults and adults alike. It has all the greatest elements of a novel: action, adventure, a minor form of comical relief, romance, mystery and suspense. Plus, the writing is phenomenal.Tris and Four may be my favorite fictional couple ever. They are just perfect together. Their bond is so strong that it will make you happy. There's nothing else to it. Their love makes you happy. They take care of each other and love each other unconditionally. It's so wonderful. I swooned at pretty much every part where Tris and Four are together. It's so nice to read a great series that doesn't have a love triangle. As hard as it is to believe, it is possible to love one person and one person alone. The proof is in this novel.This book is great. It tears at your heartstrings. It makes you laugh. You will cry. You will think. You will gasp from shock. (All of these things happened to me.) There are so many shocking things that you will not see coming. It's crazy and wonderful and really, really fits with the storyline. I enjoyed it so much. I hope that everyone who reads it will agree when I say the book was epic.Though the end of the book made my heart stop and brought tears to my eyes because I couldn't believe it was over. Five hundred and twenty-five pages was a lot to read, but when it was over I didn't feel like I'd had enough. I was so involved in the book that I never wanted it to end. When it did, I was totally heartbroken. The end was just crazy. I never expected half of the things that occurred, but the ending was what blew me away. Insurgent will steal the breath from your lungs, making you feel like you just got punched in the chest - but only in the best way, I swear. It's emotional and as hard as it is to picture this future, it feels real. You feel the betrayal and the pain that Tris feels. It's beautiful and brilliant and a thousand other words that really won't do it justice.