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One Good Reason - Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry is my feel-good author. Every book I've read by her has left me feeling satisfied, with a smile on my face. While they aren't always amazing books, I've always found her storytelling enjoyable. One Good Reason is no exception. This one broke my heart more than usual, but I really loved it. Our protagonists are so far from stereotypical, and they own it. Didn't always like Gabby's attitude, but I just adored Jon. The plot was much different that many of the romance novels I've read. Much darker themes and backgrounds. That made for a really engaging story. The pacing was pretty good--though the ending felt a bit rushed. I didn't realize before starting this that it was a companion novel to Sarah's book, The Last Goodbye, which is Tyler and Ally's story. I will definitely be reading that one soon, because I'd love to see into Tyler's head.