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Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien I wasn't sure I was going to like this. I hoped and prayed that I would. I've read some really awful dystopian novels lately, so I was losing faith that I'd find one that I would absolutely adore. But I found it.This book had me hooked from the beginning. I couldn't put it down. I'd tell myself I'd only read to chapter ten, but it got so good, I didn't even realize when I had passed it.Gaia's story is heartbreaking and eye-opening. This books feels so real that you wonder if this could actually happen. It sucks you in and keeps you in its grasp long after you finish.I loved everything about this book. From the subtle romance, to the beautiful descriptions, to the chest-clenching adventure. This book has everything.It keeps you on your toes. It gives you hope, and then snatches it away, making you read to find that hope again.The end lacks nothing. You want the next book. You feel the need to continue with Gaia's story. (Though if it had ended where it does, without a sequel, I probably would have given this one star. I mean... I need more Leon! Hahaha) I recommend this to everyone. And I cannot wait for the sequel. If November could come faster, that'd be awesome.