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Elemental (Elemental, #0.5) - Brigid Kemmerer As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsThis series, Elementals, has been big in my circle of friends lately. They made it sounds like each book was perfect and I would love them from the very first page. I decided to start out with book "0.5" and from that snippet, I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I was really excited to read this series. I really hyped up to read these books because love for this series crazy high, not just just in my group of friends, but it seems like it's everywhere! The idea of it is so interesting. I've honestly never read anything like it before, besides in a fanfiction. The fanfiction story that I read was phenomenal and it made me expect a lot from the start of this series.The plot was interesting, but it wasn't very clear. I never understood why it was so bad that Michael was powerful, or how anyone knew his strength in the first place. It's very obvious to me that the truly dangerous ones are those like Tyler, Seth and Emily's dad. Why no one else saw that? I don't understand. Much of this novella didn't make sense to me and the way it ended just annoyed me. In my opinion, this was too short to really give background details and that may be the main reason I didn't enjoy it. After reading Elemental, I feel like I should've read the first book before this one and it would've made more sense.It didn't help that the characters weren't ones that I really enjoyed reading about. Emily was annoying and ridiculously immature. Her family is full of complete jerks! I honestly hate them. They were rude, awful and totally evil and she made no move to object to what they were doing to Michael and his family. I know she wasn't happy, but in my opinion allowing it to happen and not trying to stop it is just as bad as condoning it. Michael was very… meh. I didn't love him, but I didn't hate him. He was just another "bad boy" in a long line. The characters could have had a lot more depth and the story could have gone a lot farther and still been a novella. Even though I didn't enjoy this novella, I will be continuing on with the first book. I hope as the plot develops and I get to know the characters better, I will fall in love with the series. We'll see, I guess.