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Bronte & Frank go to Moscow (Children's Traveltivity Guide) - Megan Worthy As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Thank you to Sami from JKSCommunications for sending me a copy of this book! It was wrapped up cutely and even signed by Bronte! Bronte & Frank Go To Moscow is a sweet story for young children. It's interactive so it will keep their attention. The drawings are cute and child-like.When I got an email asking to review this book, I was a bit cautious. I'm by no means a children's book reader. But as soon as I saw the book, I was excited to give it a try. This is a great book, especially for family actually traveling to Moscow. The inside cover has emergency numbers and informational websites and medical information for the city. That is a great reference for children and adults alike. It talks a lot about the buildings and culture in Moscow. It even includes the written Russian language. Very informative for a children's book. This is the kind of book that I'd like my children to read. They can learn about the world, while developing reading and writing skills.I appreciated the glossary at the end of the story.The way the story incorporated the Russian wasn't seamlessly done, but the glossary made it much easier to understand. It is a great way to go over foreign vocabulary with your children and a fun way to learn a new language.At the end of this book, there are some activities for little kids. There is a place to practice writing phrases in Russian and English. There is a page about the emblems and flags to view and then color in. Plus a page for putting stickers where your children have been! There is a lot of coloring for kids to do and even a place to write about their travels.Bronte's interactions with Frank were very sweet. I remember having a teddy bear that I was extremely close with when I was a child. The book is cute and definitely a good book for kids. I think they will enjoy this, mostly in preparation of a travel themselves.