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Bonds of Earth - G.N. Chevalier As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!5 Stars! (Though I wish I could give more!)First off, I'd like to thank Ms. GN Chevalier for a copy of her novel to read and review. I'm eternally in her debt.Bonds of Earth is a male/male novel that I was looking forward to reading from the moment I heard about it. I knew it would be a great book after looking at the summary and seeing the cover.Michael is selfless and very easy to fall in love with. He is an honest man, even though he is not open about his sexuality. During this time, it is very understandable that he would want to keep his private life private. I'm sure the early twentieth century was not an easy time to be gay - not that it's easy now. Michael is just a great lead. Ms. Chevalier writes him brilliantly. You can't help, but to fall in love with him. It took no time at all for me to be hooked on him and his perspective. And what's even better about Michael is that he isn't your stereotypical gay man. He's not in love or lust with every man he sees. When he first meets John, there are no sexual thoughts towards him. Too many stories nowadays are about people who fall in love at first sight, which if that happens, it's very rare. This book is real. It deals with real situations and portrays them in a realistic attitude.John… John is completely different than Michael, yet he's exactly the same. They are able to balance each other out and be what the other needs, even if they don't always like it. John is also a lovable character. He's had a hard life. Not a big surprise seeing as he's crippled after his stint in the war. He's pretty much given up when Michael comes into his life. It's wonderful to see his transformation as the story progresses. As cheesy as it sounds, John is much like the plants in the garden that Michael grew. With everyday tending, they began to bloom.I loved Ms. Chevalier's writing. I could picture every detail of her writing in my mind. It was awesome. You are literally able to see the story come to life. There are no words for me to express how much I enjoy this story. It blew me away.The cover is perfect for the book. Most novels have covers that try to be fancy and end up having nothing to do with the book itself. That is not the case for this story. The cover with the hands dirtying themselves in soil is true to the story because that is how the two men meet and fall in love. Michael, the main focus of the story, is hired as a gardener for John's estate.I don't often read historical gay romances - mostly because male/male stories are usually modern. This novel is based in an era that I have never read about before. And this story was about more than just sex. It actually had a plot, which is another thing most gay romances are lacking as of late.This really is just one of the best adult novels that I've ever read. The plot flows flawlessly. The characters are absolutely amazing and you can fall immediately in love with them. Everything about this book is perfect. I'm literally in awe over how much I loved this book. I'd give it ten thousand stars, if I could. My only issue with it was that it was not long enough! I wish the final chapter had been expanded even more. I can only hope that Ms. Chevalier will include Michael and John in whatever venture she starts next.