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A Delightful Arrangement (The Gentlemen Next Door, #1) - Cecilia Gray As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/5 Stars!A Delightful Arrangement is a sweet historical romance that really captures your attention from the first page.I love Francesca and Phillip! They are such a sweet duo. I could read about them for days and never tire of them. Their relationship makes me swoon. Francesca, or Franny, as Phillip calls her is very insecure. It's obvious in her demeanor. She grew up with an extremely sick mother and a domineering, harsh father and is forced into a marriage she didn't choose for herself. I would be self-conscious and upset, too! Phillip spends most of the story trying to win Francesca over and make her realize how good they would be together.Most of the novella, I was shouting at Franny in my head - "HE LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT! AND YOU LOVE HIM! LET'S JUST BE HAPPY AND GET TOGETHER!" She couldn't realize how much she really loved him, so I began to turn to Phillip. I mean, man's gotta take charge so he can get his woman! But of courseā€¦ it doesn't work that way. They are both so stubborn in their ways!I love Ms. Gray's writing style. She can write a young adult love story, and she can write an adult romance with a sweet erotic twist. It's simplistic, but only in the best of ways and really gets the message across. Her words have so much meaning and really make you want to keep reading. I want Cecilia Gray to be my own personal happy writer. Anytime I'm sad, I know to turn to one of her stories. They are just so sweet and uplifting. My only problem with this novella is that it wasn't long enough! I wanted to see more Franny and Phillip! They are just so great together! I can't wait to read the next part of the series, hopefully, it will give Francesca and Phillip at least some minor roles! I miss them already!